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July 13, 2010

Plant Parts Salad

The Children’s Garden Program is in full swing and all eight of our local program participants have had the chance to experience the farm firsthand. So far we’ve done farm tours and had a ‘five senses’ scavenger hunt, learned about the parts of plants and different types of soil. We even got to enjoy the fruits of our labor with a Plant Parts Salad. Looking forward, we will be learning about the virtues compost and will be doing some planting of our own in the upcoming lessons.

Plant Parts Salad


Mixed Leaf Lettuce

Cherry Tomato

Husk Cherry



Ginger Root

Nasturtium (or other edible flower)

The juice of a lemon

Apple Cider Vinegar

Salad Oil


Wash and chop lettuce, cherry tomatoes and cilantro. Dice scallion and ginger root and pull petals from nasturtiums and put all ingredients in large bowl. Juice lemon and add 1-2 tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar. Whisk in salad oil until dressing reaches desired consistency (usually 3-4 tbsp). Toss salad with dressing and season with salt and pepper for a bright, refreshing taste of summer. Can’t find husk cherries? Substitute raspberries, blueberries or your favorite summer fruit!

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