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April 22, 2009

5,000 Tomato Plants!


Hello………………is anyone out there?  The above photo was taken days after we planted tomatoes on March 28th.  If you look closely they are just beginning to break through the earth.

You should see these tomato starts in today’s sunshine.  They are growing up fast.  This year at SCLT’s Annual Plant Sale, we will have more veggies than ever!  Tomatoes included!  They will be needing good homes.  I hope you are getting your garden ready for their arrival.

It’s Earth Day so get in your garden.

-Chard, your urban farmer

April 17, 2009

From The War Garden to Your Garden

wargardensvictorious-wright1From the White House to South Providence, there’s more enthusiasm for home gardening than ever before. There is a rich history of gardening during difficult times. SCLT friend Sarah Zurier will be hosting a special panel discussion on the topic on May 5. From the Green Zone blog:

“Wartimes are fertile times for American gardeners and farmers. Panel organizer Sarah Zurier, a historian at the RI Historical Preservation & Heritage Commission, will share her research on Rhode Island’s wartime garden movements from King Philip’s War to World War II. Panelist Judy Barrett Litoff, a Professor of History at Bryant University, will discuss the Women’s Land Army of World War II and the crucial role played by women who plowed the ground, planted the seeds, cultivated the plants, and harvested much of the nation’s crops from 1942-45. Rich Pederson, the City Farm Manager at the Southside Community Land Trust in Providence, will discuss the motivations behind Victory Gardens and how similar they are to contemporary efforts to grow your own.”

Join us!

From War Garden to Your Garden: A Panel Discussion

May 5, 2009 at 5:30pm

Firehouse 13, 41 Central Street in Providence

There will also be a potluck style party to celebrate. The first ever Urban Ag Spring Start Party will follow the panel discussion around 7:30 at Firehouse 13. Seed swapping, plant sharing, food potluck, drink, music, learning about local garden organizations and projects, and getting to know your fellow gardeners.

SCLT is thrilled to be a part of this event.Let’s start the spring together!

April 17, 2009

Seeds of Hope

552-kinguilay-tending_finalThis past Sunday, The Providence Journal’s Business Section featured a column by John Kostrzewa about the power of community gardens to strengthen our state:

Here’s a small idea that is not a solution for all that ails Rhode Island, but it at least can show symbolic support:

Dedicate plots of land throughout the state for community gardens.

Then, invite people to pitch in to turn over the soil and plant something that will bloom this spring or can be harvested this fall. It could be anything, flowers, shrubs, herbs, trees, vegetables.

It doesn’t matter, as long as Rhode Islanders work on a joint project that shows they are all in this together.

Kostrzewa also mentioned the work of SCLT:

People are already planting community gardens.

The South Side Community Land Trust organizes inner-city community gardens in vacant areas in Providence. Each season, more than 200 families participate.

We are thrilled about all of the renewed enthusiasm for community gardening.Right here in South Providence, SCLT has worked with our neighbors to turn blighted vacant lots into beautiful, thriving food gardens. We have seen the increased economic stability that these food gardens bring to families.

Click here to read the whole column!

April 7, 2009

Signs of Spring in the City Farm Greenhouse

dscf2145Rich Pederson, our City Farm Manager, has been busy for weeks preparing for the coming growing season. City Farm is a 3/4 acre farm in the middle of South Providence that grows a lot of food – from salad greens to hearty kale and collards, fragrant herbs to cherry tomatoes. Rich has been in the greenhouse ’round the clock marrying the soil, water, and sunlight to the seeds that will sprout into the healthy fruits and vegetables we love to eat.

Some of these plant starts will be set aside for your garden! Every May, City Farm hosts the celebrated Rare & Unusual Plant Sale, now entering its 17th year. The Plant Sale is just around the corner, so Rich is working overtime to prepare the plant starts that will be available for purchase during this special springtime event!

17th Rare & Unusual Plant Sale

at City Farm, the corner of Dudley and West Clifford Streets in South Providence

March 16th & 17th from 10am – 2pm

This year, Rich says that there will be “More Veggies than Ever!” A recent trip to the greenhouse proves that Rich is committed to his promise. Hundreds and hundreds of tiny green sprouts abound!

Over the next few weeks, Rich will be providing us with exclusive City Farm Greenhouse updates, along with his own tips about growing a high yield in your own garden! Stay tuned…

April 6, 2009

Introducing the Southside Community Land Trust Blog!

Things are very busy here at Southside Community Land Trust. We are entering another growing season. Over a dozen community gardens have ordered compost and seeds. Elementary school kids at Bailey Elementary School and D’Abate Elementary School have started coming to the after-school Youth Garden Clubs to learn about nutrition and gardening. The City Farm and Urban Edge Farms are filled up with the seedlings that will someday grow the delicious and healthy fruits and vegetables we love.

We are going to be keeping you informed about how things grow here at Southside Community Land Trust. Keep checking back on the blog for news about community gardens, school gardens, City Farm, Urban Edge Farm, and all of the exciting events and celebrations throughout the summer and fall!

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