Drink Blue State Coffee.

Drink Blue State Coffee.  Eat Healthy and Sustainable Food. Support SCLT.  Perfect!  Blue State Coffee (located at 300 Thayer Street in Providence) has announced that SCLT will be one of four organizations to receive a portion of its proceeds during the first half of 2015.  The best part of their program is that customers suggested SCLT and customers will decide how much funding SCLT receives!  
HOW IT WORKS – Blue State Coffee’s policy is to donate 2% of its sales to local non-profit organizations that are suggested by their customers. Each time you make a purchase at Blue State Coffee you choose which non-profit your purchase will support by putting a token in their jar.  Blue State Coffee allocates 2% of its sales based on the number of votes each organization receives during the 6 month donation period.

Since July of 2007, Blue State Coffee has donated over $485,000 to more than 200 non-profit organizations!

HOW YOU CAN HELP – From now until June 30, 2015, simply make a purchase at Blue State Coffee located at 300 Thayer Street and cast your vote for SCLT.  Also, follow SCLT on Twitter (@southsideclt) to receive occasional reminders to go get a quick coffee pick-me-up!
ABOUT BLUE STATE COFFEE – “Blue State Coffee is a family business. It all started in 2004, when Drew came up with the idea for a community-oriented coffee shop. The premise was simple: our ideals would guide how the company did business. We pledged to donate a percentage of sales to local non-profit organizations, to minimize the company’s environmental impact, to serve world-class coffee, and to treat employees as members of the Blue State Coffee family.
At Blue State Coffee, we care about how our food is produced, transported, and prepared. Our menu features hormone-free and antibiotic-free meat, locally sourced produce and cheese, and free range and vegetarian fed local eggs. Our baked goods are made from scratch with all natural ingredients. All of our offerings are trans-fat free.

Our baker offers delicious bakery selections (some vegan or gluten free), made fresh daily in our kitchen. Our specialties include scones (savory and sweet), muffins, cookies, nutella bars, brownies, tea breads, cupcakes, cakes, and macaroons. We also offer locally made bagels and croissants.”

SCLT is honored to be selected by Blue State Coffee.
Head to their 300 Thayer Street cafe and vote today!

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