ecoRI News and City Farm present ecoEarth–a revamped composting initiative in Providence

Since 2009 City Farm and ecoRI News have partnered to collect community members’ food scraps and divert it from Rhode Island’s landfill. Community members could drop off their food scraps at neighborhood farmers markets, and City Farm would pick up the material and turn it into nutrient-rich compost for its many beds of vegetables, fruits, herbs and flowers.

Beginning this season, they are changing the model of the program from collecting food scraps at farmers markets to a door-to-door pickup. The new program is called ecoRI Earth. Participating households receive a five-gallon bucket to store their food scraps, and ecoRI will stop by either weekly or biweekly to pickup the buckets, drop off clean buckets and deliver the scraps to City Farm or New Urban Farmers.

Through this new model, ecoRI hopes to reach more people and encourage them to collect their food scraps in order to help urban farms in Providence produce high-quality local food and save space in Rhode Island’s central landfill.

Click here to read more about the program!


A major step of the City Farm composting process is to aerate the pile. This not only introduces more oxygen but also helps keep any unwanted critters away.


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