A Plant Sale Sneak Peek!

The 21st Annual Rare and Unusual Plant Sale is this weekend, and we are looking forward to seeing the crowds at City Farm buzzing with excitement about getting their hands dirty and growing food. This year, the City Farm team has carefully curated a selection of varieties that lives up to the “Rare and Unusual” nature of the Plant Sale. To get you even more excited for the big event this weekend, here’s a sneak peek of some of the plants that you will see and possibly take home with you!



Rainbow Quinoa

Chenopodium quinoa 90-120 days. The leaves are thick and succulent with a salty, savory flavor similar to spinach. The tiny grain is nutty, delicious, and packed with protein. Ornamental seed heads in rainbow colors. Blooms in late summer to autumn.




Painted Lady Bean

1800s heirloom. Runner bean with a red and white flower. The 6 foot tall plants produce sweet, rough, flat pods up to 10 inches long, filled with streaked, pinkish-brown seeds. Sweet-flavored and crisply textured – tasty for eating fresh, canned or frozen.





Crystal Apple Cucumber

Pretty New Zealand heirloom with pale greenish fruits resembling Granny Smith apples. Best when young – smooth, tender and cream-tasting. 75 days





Filius Blue Hot Pepper

Spicy hot! Sometimes grown in containers as an ornamental. Purplish foliage with purple-blue (and very hot) fruits when young, but mature to a bright red with a milder edge. 80 days.






Aromatic Mexican native for tacos, salsa, and sauces. Taste is somewhere between arugula, cilantro and rue.




Indigo Rose Tomato

80 days. Indet. A vibrant indigo, almost blue skin on 2 inch, round fruits. Superbly balanced, multi-faceted tomatoey flavor. High in antioxidants.


One Comment to “A Plant Sale Sneak Peek!”

  1. Very exciting! Can’t wait to see what else will be for sale…

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