Calling for Proposals for Pilot Residential Composting Programs

SCLT is collaborating with the City of Providence on piloting a Residential Composting Program that will encourage and teach neighborhoods to divert their solid waste, help build healthy soils in Providence and save space in the landfill. SCLT and the City seek to partner with community organizations in Providence neighborhoods in order to pilot two programs that will work with 25 households each.

We are calling for proposals. If you are interested in collaborating with SCLT and the City of Providence, click here to get more details about the new program and the application process. Contact Leo Pollock ( or 401-273-9419 ext. 28) with any questions. We look forward to reading your proposals!

One Comment to “Calling for Proposals for Pilot Residential Composting Programs”

  1. We’ve been working with some businesses in the area to collect parts of their recycling that private trucking companies won’t take (e.g., cardboard) and diverting them by bike through the city recycling stream, which does take those types of items (i.e., identifying people who have excess capacity in their bins, and using theirs). We think that on a broader basis, the local collection of recycling and compost could be done more cheaply, cleanly, and less noisily by bikes with carts, and then trucks could be left to take larger hauls of things from local collection spots to recycling centers outside the city. This has been done really effectively in Northampton, MA, which is hillier, less dense, and snowier than Providence, so we think it would be even more effective here.

    Something like 66% of particulate matter in the city is from trash trucks, because of how inefficient the stop-and-go motion of collection is, despite the fact that trash trucks are a negligible percent of the vehicles in the city. Bike carts can carry up to a ton of material so long as they’re set to low gear ratios. They’d be slow, but then again, so are the trucks, and at least with the bike carts people can divert around them more easily.

    It’s also good because it creates a very visible bike culture in the city, which makes people feel safer to abandon their cars and try it out for themselves.

    I know that Eco RI has been talking about doing a collection of compost, and we’ve mostly stayed away from that part of collection because we’d like to give them a first shot at success with it. But we’d definitely be interested in helping with this if it gets large enough that we’re not taking a funding source away from their work.

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