Happenings at City Farm

Spring has sprung, and many things are happening over at City Farm. First off, the City Farm Apprentice for the 2013 growing season, Anders Newkirk, started his apprenticeship on April 1st. Anders is no stranger to the workings of City Farm and has been an avid volunteer during the summer for several seasons now. However, as an apprentice, he will assume more responsibilities, including tending to the farm on his own at times.

Together, Rich and Anders have been busy prepping for both SCLT’s Annual Plant Sale and the season in general. On Tuesday, the team spent the day planting 7,000 tomato seeds for the Plant Sale! Additionally, they’ve been transplanting many of the seedlings and, thanks to the recent warm weather, have even moved some of the trays outside. Pretty soon, it will be that time of year again when City Farm is overflowing with trays full of plant starts in every nook and cranny.

Rich and Anders have been busy outside the greenhouse as well. Last week they planted several fruit trees, including hardy kiwis and sour cherries. You can find the hardy kiwis by the shade arbor, and the sour cherries behind the new composting area.

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