Legends Bicycle Supports the Urban Agriculture Movement as a SCLT Vendor Member

Screen shot 2013-03-21 at 12.40.24 PM

Use your SCLT Membership Card to get a discount on cargo gear that can you help transport your Plant Sale starts from City Farm to your garden!

Legends Bicycle owner, Jack Madden, learned about SCLT years ago as a home gardener who would go every year to the Plant Sale.

To show solidarity with the local food and urban agriculture movement, Legends, a local business mainstay on the East Side of Providence, has been partnering with SCLT as a member vendor since 2010.  All card-carrying members of SCLT are eligible for 20% off of all cargo gear such as bags, racks, and trailers to help them get their tools and compost from points A to B.

“Many people that enjoy growing food in cultivated vacant lots around town are individuals who like to reap what they sow.  They understand that their actions have a direct effect on the immediate world they inhabit.  A lot of folks ride bicycles to pick up their CSA share or transport materials to and from their garden plots because they value a simpler lifestyle.”

“I think that a lot of the same aesthetic that people look for when they are enjoying their garden is the same kind of mindset that motivates them to get out of their cars and onto their bikes. It is a mindset of self-sufficiency that made us feel like kindred spirits.”

Legends Bicycle hopes to see people looking for gear that will expand their bicycle use beyond recreation or home-to-work commuting. Check out examples of alternative transportation rigs on the Legends website by clicking through this slideshow: http://www.legendbicycle.com/maps-etc/haulin

Arrive some place with a different mentality than you would in a car. Drop by Legends Bicycle with your SCLT membership card, and enjoy a 20% discount on all bike cargo, including bags, racks and trailers.

Their Annual Yard Sale is Saturday, March 30th so sign up today if you haven’t already renewed!


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