Providence ‘Lots of Hope’ Initiative Generates Nationwide Excitement

SCLT is partnering with the City of Providence on a new initiative, called ‘Lots of Hope’, to transform city-owned vacant lots into urban farms. Through funding by the Rhode Island Foundation and the Local Sustainability Matching Fund, SCLT will help identify open space throughout Providence that have the potential to function as productive urban farms. Pending approval by City Council, the City will then lease these lots to SCLT at a low-cost, with SCLT subleasing them to community members and organizations for farming in turn.

The ‘Lots of Hope’ initiative is in line with SCLT’s mission to provide access to land so people in Greater Providence can grow food in environmentally sustainable ways. Ultimately, it supports both SCLT and the City’s vision of creating a community food system where locally-produced, healthy and affordable food is accessible to everyone.

Additionally, the program will introduce a residential composting program that provides households in low-income neighborhoods the opportunity to reduce waste and produce the rich compost that will help nourish and sustain these urban farms.

This local initiative is garnering nationwide attention, generating a buzz from coast to coast! From Boston to San Francisco, the ‘Lots of Hope’ program is rallying excitement for the realized possibilities of urban agriculture and local, sustainable food systems.

We are so grateful to the Rhode Island Foundation and to the Funders’ Network for Smart Growth and Livable Communities for this opportunity – and to Mayor Taveras and his team for their leadership and vision for urban agriculture in our city. To read more about this exciting new initiative, click here!


Here are a number of other publications that have picked up this story!

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  1. How do I become a volunteer?


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