Fall Workdays

The past few weekends, beginning on October 20th, our community gardeners have been hard at work to put their gardens to bed for the winter. Just in time too! Every Fall, each of the 16 community gardens we manage have required workdays when all the growers come together to help clean up both their own beds and the communal spaces.

As the cultural backgrounds of our community gardeners are diverse, so are the ways in which they ready their beds for winter. For example, we learned that Hmong gardeners put everything back into their soil. Instead of getting rid of their gardens’ remains, Hmong gardeners chop everything up and bury it, boosting the fertility and health of their soil for the next growing season.

Neat, right? Some of us here at SCLT are excited to give this a try in our Sideyard beds at the end of next year’s growing season.

Below are some pictures capturing our gardeners bringing their growing seasons to a close.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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