The RI Community Food Bank Recognizes Its Partnership with SCLT on Food Day!

At its Annual Meeting last Wednesday, October 24th, the Rhode Island Community Food Bank presented an award to SCLT in recognition of our partnership and the work that has come of it.

SCLT and the RI Community Food Bank have collaborated  in many different ways. From starting new initiatives, such as establishing the food pantry-community garden model in Providence through the Gospel Tabernacle Outreach Ministry Garden, to donating City Farm’s surplus, SCLT and the Food Bank work together to help increase the food security of Rhode Islanders.

We are honored to have such a strong partnership with an organization who is committed to providing healthy food for the neediest Rhode Islanders. We are eager to continue working with the RI Community Food Bank and excited for the work that this partnership will produce for greater Providence.

Many thanks to the RI Community Food Bank for this honor!

Cindy Shea, Community Growers Network Coordinator, Leo Pollock, Director of Programs, and Margaret DeVos, SCLT Executive Director, accepted this honor on behalf of SCLT


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