Fall is here; time to plant some garlic!

Now that Fall is here and you’re starting to pull things out from the garden, why not bring your growing season to a close by planting some garlic? Plant your garlic seed in the fall, wait for it to germinate during the winter, and enjoy the scapes in the spring and heads in the summer. Now that’s what we call a 2-for-1 deal!

Between October 15th and 30th, SCLT will be distributing Music Garlic seed to members of the Providence Community Growers Network. Music garlic is a variety that is noted for its excellent flavor and large, easy-to-peel cloves. You can purchase the seed for either $3/head or $14/lb.

Garlic is a space-efficient crop. Each clove is a seed in itself, meaning one clove you plant in the fall will yield one entire head of garlic in the summer. Music garlic seed has about seven to eight cloves, giving you seven to eight heads of garlic in the summertime.

You might be wondering why you should buy garlic seed instead of any ol’ garlic from the supermarket. Well, most supermarket garlic comes all the way from California and has been treated to prevent it from sprouting. When you buy garlic seed, however, you know for sure that it will grow well in our Northeastern climate and has been thoughtfully selected for its taste, size and disease-resistance.

Another reason to plant to garlic is that it’s really easy and low-maintenance! Plant your cloves at the end of October, right before Halloween. They should be six to eight inches apart, two inches deep in the soil with the pointy end facing up. Mulch your garlic with straw to protect the young shoots from the frost. When you purchase your garlic seed, we’ll provide a flyer with more detailed planting instructions plus a recipe for garlic scape pesto. Yum!

The deadline to pre-order your seed is October 15th. For more info., contact Liza at liza@southsideclt.org or 273-9419 ext. 25.

Not a member of the Providence Community Growers Network? Join today and reap the many benefits, including this discounted garlic seed!


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