URI Master Composter Training Fall 2012 – register now!

Registration for the URI Master Composter Training is ongoing! Through the training, you’ll have the opportunity to learn from the experts and take field trips to various composting and recycling facilities, including our very own City Farm! Once you’ve completed the training and fulfilled your 30 hours of volunteer commitment, you’ll be able to educate your fellow community members about its importance and empower them to start composting.

As a Master Composter, you will help make a difference in your local communities at a critical time of need. Presently, America is challenged with a problem–a crisis, really–of food waste. According to the National Resources Defense Council (NRDC), Americans waste 40% of their food supply annually. This waste amounts to a hefty impact on our economy and environment. For example, the majority of food waste winds up in landfills, where it will sit, decompose and release toxic methane into the atmosphere.

Research supports that composting is one way that we can help control this problem. By transforming the food scraps into fertilizer for plants that will eventually become our food, we can prevent buildup in landfills and ultimately help reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

By completing the URI Master Composter Training, you can become an advocate for composting and help allay our food waste crisis. To register and/or read more about the training, click here.


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