Open Garden Day 2012

We are thrilled to announce that Open Garden Day was a blast! This past Saturday two groups toured nine different gardens and farms throughout Providence. One group, traveling by bike, ventured to Potters Avenue Community Garden, Groundworks Community Garden and Sidewalk Ends Farm. The other, traveling by bus, journeyed to Potters Avenue Community Garden, the Lincoln School Edible Garden and the Searle Family Garden. We started the day off touring the Roger Williams Community Garden and the freshly installed Edible Forest.

Each of tour groups were welcomed warmly by the site hosts who guided the participants through their lush spaces, sharing stories of how they started their respective gardens and farms, and letting the participants freely explore (and taste!) the diversity and abundance. For example, Lucy Searle, of Searle Family Garden, passed around baskets of her raspberries and chocolate cherry tomatoes, allowing us to savor the possibilities of growing our own food right in our backyards. Some site hosts even divulged their growing secrets! Fay, Laura and Tess, of Sidewalk Ends Farm, demonstrated how they keep their farm vibrant with compost, leading the participants through a hands-on demo of the process.

After touring their respective sites, the two groups reconvened at the Roger Williams Community Garden where their delicious harvest lunch, prepared by our Providence Community Growers, was waiting for them. Participants enjoyed a taste of Hmong culture with Nime Chowe and Noodles with Pork, flavors of Liberia with Garmai Malowi’s famous Sweet Potato Greens with Chicken and Rice, and a diverse array of other dishes, including beans and rice, fresh bread, crisp salad, fried chicken and banana bread pudding.

The day was topped off with some camaraderie with fellow growing enthusiasts and a celebration of Providence’s push to grow food everywhere.

Here are some pictures capturing the day’s activities, the gardens and farms, the food, the smiles–Open Garden Day.

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