Open Garden Day–a taste of what to expect!

Sweet potatoes. Roasted, baked or mashed, their heartiness and sweet, caramelized flavor is the essence of Autumn. These orange tuberous roots have been a part of our diets for countless years, but did you know that their leaves can also be incorporated into delicious dishes? Like the orange tubers that we are more familiar with, the greens are versatile and can be prepared a variety of ways–boiled, sauteed, steamed, you name it! These greens are a staple in many Asian and African cuisines. They are used in many stews and stir-fries and even eaten alone as a side dish.

The next time you’re at the farmers market, why not buy a bunch of sweet potato greens and add some global flavors to your diet. Or, even better, come to Open Garden Day on September 8th and discover how the pros cook with it! After the garden tours, you’ll have the opportunity to taste a variety of global dishes prepared with food grown locally by Providence’s very own community growers. Buy your tickets here and join us on Saturday, September 8th, to try a number of delicious ethnic dishes, including Community Grower Garmai Mawolo’s Liberan Chicken with Sweet Potato Greens and Rice!

N.B. Please do not try to substitute Irish Potato greens for sweet potato leaves! Irish potato greens are poisonous. Contrary to most assumption, sweet potatoes are not related to potatoes but are in fact a member of the morning glory family.


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