“A Not-So-Vacant Lot”

You may have already seen these three ladies at the Armory Park Farmers Market or eaten some of their goods at AS220 and Broadway Bistro, but here’s a chance to get to know these rockstars a little bit better.

Meet the farm stewards of Sidewalk Ends Farm–Laura, Tess and Fay. Beginning in 2011, these three sisters transformed an underutilized lot into a high-yield, market-viable eden.  Here at Sidewalk Ends, you can find both salad and cooking greens, herbs, tomatoes and a variety of root vegetables growing against the urban backdrop of Providence’s Westside neighborhood.

Co-managing the Backyard Farms Urban CSA and selling both at the Farmers Market and to several Providence restaurants as part of the Little City Growers Coop (all in addition to feeding themselves!), these busy bees try to maintain a model that promotes a hyper-local food system.

Veggies, however, aren’t the only things you’ll find here. Laura, Tess and Fay also raise five chickens, providing Providence with fresh, local eggs.

Want to meet the ladies (hens included!) in person and see what’s growing at Sidewalk Ends? Come join us on September 8th for Open Garden Day and tour Sidewalk Ends Farm.


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