Katherine Brown in ProJo Article

This is the latest article in the Providence Journal featuring Katherine Brown, who has been the Executive Director of SCLT from 2003-2012 and will be succeeded by Margaret DeVos.

” Over a 30-year history in Providence, Southside Community Land Trust has leveraged multiple layers of connections above and below the ground. We have catalyzed whole neighborhoods to reinvent themselves from despair and confusion into the true sense of community — all through growing food and flowers and friendship, together.’

Right now, she is helping the land trust make the transition from her leadership to that of DeVos.

Wayne, a member of the land trust’s board since 2007, said Brown is leaving the land trust “in the best place it ever has been.”

“She has transformed this into much more widespread organization,” Wayne said.

 “The plan is that we will go from being identified as strictly Southside –– as a result of the Providence Community Growers Network –– to being a city-wide entity. We will continue to serve the Southside but we hope to transplant some of our principles to other parts of the city as well.”

Click this link for the complete article.


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