National Garden Club Award Winners

On the Saturday of the Plant Sale, SCLT Executive Director Katherine Brown was in Buffalo, NY receiving a National Garden Club Award of Excellence. Here is a snapshot of Katherine with the other award winners:

Pictured left to right: Shane Smith, is a noted garden author, consultant and the director and founder of the award-winning Cheyenne Botanic Gardens,William J. Gouldin, Jr., president, Strange’s Florists, Greenhouses and Garden Centers, and Katherine Brown, executive director, Southside Community Land Trust.

“The Southside Community Land Trust brings great pride to the RI Federation of Garden Clubs, Inc., as its goals and purpose are very much aligned with those of the National Garden Club. Under the dynamic, boots-on-the-ground leadership of Executive Director, Katherine Brown, Ph.D., the agency not only encourages the sustainable use and respect of our beautiful earth among our citizens, but it also has made great progress in soliciting the backing of major corporations. The corporations in turn help to influence State policy on environmental issues that are important to us all. On a statewide level, nearly all of our garden clubs either financially support the Community Land Trust and/or volunteer there …”  Click here to read more of SCLT’s award description.


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