Will Allen – A Visit Full of Food Growing Inspiration

SCLT was honored to host a visit from Will Allen, CEO and founder of Growing Power, on April 9th. The visit left us with a heaping dose of good food inspiration. SCLT had the privilege showing Will around community gardens and urban farms in the morning, followed by a lunch with local gardeners, farmers, and community members. We shared the stories of our work in Providence over the past 30 years, and discussed our continued vision of connecting people from all backgrounds through growing their own food.

Will’s sold-out lecture at Brown University about his work at Growing Power left the audience in awe of all the groundbreaking work him and his team are doing for sustainable agriculture and local food. Slide after slide captured the movement that reflects the strength and resilience of community by using food to bring people from all backgrounds, ages, and trades to work together.

“If there’s one thing I want you all to remember tonight is that it’s all about the soil,” said Will at the lecture. One impressive (and believe us, there were a lot of impressive points!) slide he showed us was the Growing Power hoop houses that were growing a bounty of salad greens and kale in the middle of the Milwaukee winter (made possible by the heat captured from piling compost on the outside perimeter of the hoop house).  His work with Growing Power (based in Milwaukee) is an amazing sustainable food empire that has influenced cities from all over the nation and even the world, engaging people with the question, “how can good food transform communities?”

The visit left us encouraged and inspired to continue growing the “Good Food Revolution” right on our home soils of Providence. Thank you to Will Allen, Lucas Foglia, Brown University, for making this incredible visit possible. Check out our slideshow for pictures of Will’s visit!

This slideshow requires JavaScript.


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