Loads and Loads of Compost!

A healthy load of compost delivered to City Farm will give the soil a boost for a productive growing season!

Yesterday, 330 cubic yards of compost was delivered to 40 gardens in the Providence Community Growers Network. This hefty city-wide effort is a collaboration between Southside Community Land Trust, Rhode Island Resource Recovery Center (RIRRC), and the City of Providence.

The compost is certified organic, produced by RIRRC and thoroughly tested to ensure high organic matter content. SCLT wants only the best for our network community gardens! Gardeners will be able to use 1″ of compost for each of their garden plots. Compost is used best when turned into the soil and allowed to sit for at least two weeks, giving it time to amend the soil with nutrients, organic matter, and improve soil texture.

Want to get your hands on free compost? Join our Providence Community Growers Network and learn about how you can get compost and other fabulous food-growing benefits. You can also check out our Neighborhood Hub Day – Saturday, April 14th at these locations, to learn more about the PCGN, sign up to get free compost and seeds, and attend a free gardening workshop. We hope to see you there!

Davey Lopes Recreation Center 10am-1pm, 227 Dudley Street

Groundwork Providence Community Garden 10am-1pm, 14-18 Ring Street

Manton Avenue Community Garden 12pm-3pm, 40 Florence Street


One Comment to “Loads and Loads of Compost!”

  1. when composting i never understood how you can use weeds to compost. wont this propagate weeds in the garden when you use the compost?? also we have Nut sedge in out yard it is a pervasive weed and difficult to eradicate. if this is in the compost would it spread through out the garden?

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