SCLT Welcomes Lucas Foglia

(Edit: Date for “A Natural Order” is April 5th, not 6th)

* Athenaeum Salon Talk with Lucas Foglia Friday Mar. 30th, 5pm at the Providence Athenaeum, 251 Benefit St.

Ever wonder where SCLT gets so many beautiful images of its community gardens and growers? It’s all thanks to photographer Lucas Foglia! Come view his portfolio of community garden images and learn how the photographs are being used to impact the community of people growing food in Providence. Foglia will be speaking about his recent photography project, The Garden, in which he documented urban food producers at food gardens in diverse neighborhoods across the city of Providence during the summer of 2011. 

Photo by Lucas Foglia. Greenwich Street Community Gardeners.

The Garden builds on Foglia’s previous work with SCLT in 2005 photographing gardeners and neighborhood families at its longest-growing community garden, Somerset Community Garden.

During his talk, Lucas will speak to the role his art has played in helping to further SCLT’s vision of taking its urban agriculture programs city-wide. As part of that effort, city residents can look forward to seeing Foglia’s photographs featured in a bus shelter poster campaign promoting membership to SCLT’s Providence Community Growers Network. The PCGN is a new initiative providing access to gardening resources, education, and community building for its members, helping Providence gardeners grow more food. We hope you will be part of this inspiring conversation about the intersections of art, community and food!

Photo by Lucas Foglia. Bridgham Street Community Garden.

This evening part of the Providence Athenaeum’s Friday Salon series.

Additionally, on April 5th, a solo exhibition of Foglia’s work, A Natural Order, will open at the List Art Center Auditorium at Brown University from 5:30-7:30pm and continue until May 27th.


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