Seeds of inspiration!

It was a full house at last Wednesday’s Seed Starting Workshop at Hope Artiste Village! Faye, Tess, and Laura from Sidewalk Ends Farm gave an informative and compelling lesson on how to start your favorite seeds at home in time for the growing season. They showed us that you can use anything from old soda cans, to seeding trays, to old milk cartons! Keep your plant babies happy in a grow box (pictured right), which provides UV light to help with seed germination. Faye, Tess, and Laura prefer a method of “upside down” watering to just using a spray bottle (which can miss the roots). Upside down watering involves putting your seed containers on a tray with 1/2″ water, which allows the roots to absorb water as they need it.

Missed this workshop but still want to learn about seed starting? Swing by Southside Community Land Trust’s Urban Agriculture Spring Kickoff on March 3rd at the Roger Williams Park Botanical Center, where City Farm Steward Rich Pederson will be doing a workshop demo. There will be other fun workshops around food and gardening at the event. Get your hands on SCLT’s 2012 Plant Providence Calendar — a city-wide educational and affordable workshop series around growing food. Here’s to a productive growing season!


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