A shout-out to our 30th committees

Our 30th Picnic Party this past summer was a hit thanks to our planning committee!

Thanksgiving may be over, but our gratefulness is anything but! SCLT wants to give a proper acknowledgement to our 30th committees, which have planned and facilitated so many of the fabulous events that SCLT hosted this past 30th anniversary year. These events would not have been the same without the wonderful folks on these committees! So here is the cast of credits of each individual who has contributed his or her invaluable time to SCLT, making this a year something to cheer about.

30th Committee :
Vera Wayne
Debbie Schimberg
Committee Members:
Erin Boyle
Carol Fay
Tim Kearns
Sarah Kern
Jessica Knapp

Erika Lamb
Louis Raymond
Sarah Zurier
Susan Sakash
Rick Schwartz, consultant
Dana Gee, graphic designer

Carrot City/Public Events Committee:

Paul Connelly
Richard Gutman
Skye Hibbard-Swanson
Jessica Knapp
Deborah Schimberg
Pamela Steager
Sarah Zurier


The Harvest Party Planning Committee:
Louis Raymond, Chair
Jill Brody
Johnnie Chace
Karen Champagne
Judy Croyle
Sarah Kern
Patrick Mattingly
Patucci Shehan
Frances Trafton
Karen Usas
30th Honorary Committee:
Governor Lincoln and Stephanie Chafee
U.S. Senator Jack Reed
U.S. Senator Sheldon Whitehouse
Congressman Jim Langevin
Congressman David Cicilline
Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Roberts Peggy and Henry Sharpe
Mayor Angel Taveras,  City of Providence
Mayor Allan Fung, City of Cranston
RI Senator Harold Metts
RI Senator Juan Pichardo
Gertrude Blakey Jones, Lifespan
Andy Fisher, Community Food Security Coalition
Ned and Polly Handy
Michael Pollan
John Schenck, Edible Rhody
Jyothi and Shivan Subramaniam
Mary and Rick Worrell
Barbara Van Beuren
James Vincent, NAACP

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