Plant Providence Calendar:

Folks gathered around at a workshop to learn how compost can remediate unhealthy soil

Although the Plant Providence Calendar is being tucked away until spring of 2012, the work around it hasn’t quite gone into hibernation mode. Word on the street is that next year’s calendar will hold even more workshops, both old favorites and fresh, new topics! The Plant Providence Calendar is truly a community effort that wouldn’t be possible without the invaluable knowledge and effort of our workshop instructors (most of which are our dear friends, acquaintances and colleagues!). Here’s our Plant Providence workshop instructor hall of fame:

Urban Chickens I and II taught by staff and chicken-raising expert Kate Lacouture; Safe Soil: remediating Lead taught by City Farm’s Rich Pederson and Liz Colon; Beginning Organic Growers Series (BOGS) taught by staff and our friends Raffini (a community garden grower), Jenn Steinfeld and Adam Graffunder (Florence and Manton Farm); BOGS taught in Spanish by Jairo Rosales; Rain Barrels 101 taught by President of African Alliance Julius Kolawole; Taming Your Tomatoes taught by Thom Mitchell and James Crowley; Winter Greens and Low Tunnels and Seed Saving taught by Scratch Farm’s Katie Miller; Medicinal Herbs and Foraging by Farmacy Herb’s Mary Blue; Composting 101 by Sejal Lanterman and many more!

These folks sure know what they’re doing and we’re looking forward to partnering with them again in the years to come! We also want to give a big thanks to our sponsors the Albin Family Foundation, Brown University Center for Environmental Studies, URI Outreach Center, Casa Buena Builders, Inc. and What Grows on RI? Check back for Plant Providence updates in the near future.


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