Make it a Green Friday!

SCLT organic gardening kit, available on our online store!

The moment we all wake up the morning after Thursday’s Thanksgiving festivities will mark the start of the holiday shopping season. Stores and radio stations will switch on the holiday music playlist and cities will be decorated with lights, wreaths and ornaments. Even if you won’t be one of the dedicated and determined few who are gearing to get up before the sun does on Friday morning, you might still be getting ready to make those shopping lists and checking them twice.

How about instead of a black Friday, we have a green one? Southside Community Land Trust is proud to be making a grand opening of our online merchandise store just for the occasion! Our store will feature products that inspire the food grower in everyone. We are thrilled about our organic gardening kit, which includes seeds, cover crop, garden markers, organic fertilizer and bug spray. This kit will make the perfect gift for someone in your life who wants to start growing their own fresh and healthy food.

On our merchandise site will also be City Farm T-shirts and Plant Sale gift certificates. Check back in the next couple of weeks for some other great gift ideas that will go towards supporting SCLT’s programs in education, City Farm and the Community Growers Network. These are gifts that are made with local and/or sustainable designs, materials and goals in mind!


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