Building the possibilities

We did it! With much perseverance and the help of our invaluable volunteers, the Potters Ave. Community Garden expansion was completed yesterday. It all started from a tree by the old garden that was damaged from a storm in June to have us ask the question, “Why not?” when the idea presented itself to turn the undeveloped area into a space to grow more food. “Community folks, neighbors and even students participated in the building of this garden. At the end of the last day, nobody wanted to leave because it was such a lovely experience and we grew so close as a team. We’re all excited for the possibilities of what this will bring to families in the spring,” said Liza Sutton, SCLT Community Growers Network Director. 29 new raised garden beds were built from this garden expansion effort, giving even more area families the opportunity to grow fresh, healthy food.

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SCLT wants to give a big thank you to Mel and Connie Carter for being generous hosts in letting us transform the space. For more great stories about the effort being made to provide families access to growing their own food, read about the Greenwich Street Garden that was built this summer.


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