Results from 5% Day: 100% Gratitude

This past Tuesday, October 11th, 2011, 5% Day at Whole Foods Market brought in $12,000 for Southside CLT. WOWZA! This completely blows past our sponsorship goal of $10,000. To all you enthusiastic shoppers who went out to support us yesterday – THANK YOU!! And many thanks to Whole Foods Market University Heights, Whole Foods Market Waterman Street and Whole Foods Market, Garden City for the generous donation!!

One shopper musingly reported to have bought “…$100 on baking chocolate, a large enough supply to last them through the holiday season!”

….another supporter reported, “It must have been the $14 cruelty-free mascara I bought that put us over the top!”

….and how is this for dedication…“I had already done my shopping but realized in the evening that I forgot to get my main money item, probiotics, so I ran back over to the store at 8:30pm.”

…. a staff person at SCLT confessed that she “…waited for weeks until 5% day to restock on lotion and coldcare remedies, and used the donation day as the perfect excuse to treat herself to some really nice products!”

Whether you completely restocked your pantry or just picked up a few things for the house, all of your contributions mean so much to us!


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