Medicinal Herbs and Foraging

Taken from our Plant Providence blog.

Saturday’ workshop on Medicinal Herbs and Foraging was an engaging and fascinating lesson that helped open our eyes to the plentiful variety of medicinal plants growing right on Rhode Island soil. We chewed, smelled and tasted leaves, flowers and herbs that Farmacy Herbs uses right in their store. Mary Blue, founder of Farmacy Herbs, shared her wealth of knowledge that plants can be effective remedies and supplements for a variety of purposes – nettles for vitamins, iron and bladder health; violet for lungs; sage for sinus clearing, digestion and memory; hops (not just good for beer!) for stress relief and nerves. These plants are minimally processed into tinctures, teas, and ointments. When taken consistently in the proper doses, these herbal remedies can be highly beneficial for preventative care and holistic health.  “It’s another step towards self-sufficiency,” says Mary, “a lot of people that come here are looking for that. If you have access to this kind of knowledge and resources, you can rely more on yourself to care for your health and wellness.”

For more information about Farmacy and the kinds of workshops and classes they offer visit them at

To see a slideshow of the workshop, visit our Plant Providence blog.





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