More than a Garden Tour

This past Saturday morning (just two days after our fabulous Harvest Party, phew!) was all sunshine and smiles  as over 40 people gathered to learn about the diversity of community gardens in Providence. The group toured 4 community gardens – Davey Lopes, Glenham, Cadillac Drive and Roger Williams Park – to hear from the people who gave their time and energy to building these thriving food-growing hubs, and each garden’s rich history, fertile present and future.

Davey Lopes Community Gardens is one of the first models in the nation to be a recreational center with an active community garden. Mr. Taylor, Sterling and George all shared the sentiment of how successful the garden has been with the community, especially with the youth. Kids of all ages have really taken ownership in maintaining and giving life to the garden, as evidenced by the abundance of kid-grown grapes, flowers and tomatoes. The Glenham Garden is a high-intensity garden, where nearly every square foot is used for growing food primarily by Hmong and Liberian refugees. Cadillac Drive Community Garden is long-time project of recently deceased councilman Miguel Luna (on Saturday State Rep. Grace Diaz said a few words and had a moment of silence for Mr. Luna).

Though hosted by Southside Community Land Trust (SCLT), the Community Gardens Tour and Potluck was really a success thanks to the Community Growers Network – a group of community garden leaders, urban growers and proactive community members. The tour led up to a harvest potluck at the Roger Williams Park Community Garden – which turned out to be an impressive feast thanks to our talented and gracious friends in the community. People enjoyed dishes featuring garden-fresh ingredients like stewed sweet potato greens with chicken, summery tomato salad, home-made sushi with lots of fresh veggies, salads and so much more!

The event was truly a celebration of all the diversity and the beautiful relationships forged within the community. SCLT looks forward to more garden tours in the future, bringing people together from all walks of life in Providence to learn more about community gardens and growing food together!


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