After the storm: show your garden some love!

Tens of thousands of people were affected by the storm this past weekend. Hurricane Irene (well, tropical storm Irene by the time it made it to Rhode Island) damaged power lines, ripped out trees and left quite a few major and minor inconveniences in her wake. Gardens and farms were amongst these innocent victims of nature’s wrath. So what are some important garden care steps to take after a huge storm?

1. Storms not only cause physical damage at the time, but can leave gardens vulnerable to diseases and soil erosion. Implement these general steps to keep soil and plants healthy!

2. For tree damage and repair, minor damage can be removed by getting rid of injured bark. Trees actually have a great natural defense system and only need intense care when there is major bark, trunk or root damage.

3. Prepare for fall. Don’t be discouraged if the summer growing season has been rough. Make room for fall planting, which can be a much more forgiving season even with sudden low temps: beets, dark leafy greens, carrots and turnips – we’re giddy at the thought!


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