City Farm Intern Spotlight: Kathleen Reed

Southside Community Land Trust is honored to have had Kathleen Reed work with us as City Farm’s Summer College Intern. For these past few months, she’s been involved pretty much full time at City Farm (a biointensive 3/4 acre urban farm in the southside of Providence) growing food, harvesting, helping run the City Farm stand at the Hope St. Farmers’ Market, and assisting the Marketing Collaborative at the Broad St. Farmers’ Market on Saturdays.

Kathleen is a rising senior at Providence College (PC) and has been involved with SCLT since February 2010. PC and SCLT have a great working relationship that has been going on for 10 years. PC provides a consistent supply of eager and willing college student volunteers in return for community experience on a working urban organic farm. Although students like Kathleen who volunteer at Southside think they are just getting some quality time outdoors growing and harvesting plants and food, they get a lot more out of their time here than just getting their hands dirty. “I love being at City Farm because it acts as a free-form community center. My experience here has definitely helped me become more engaged with the community and see an important part of Providence I wouldn’t normally get to see,” Kathleen says. “The relationships I’ve been able to form at the Land Trust are also really important to me.” Almost everyday, Kathleen, SCLT staff, City Farm interns and occasional visitors from the neighborhood and community have a communal lunch together.

Over the course of the next few years, she hopes to apply what she’s learned wherever she goes. “The values and skills I’ve learned from interning here have had an impact on my understanding of both agriculture and community. I want to be able to continue to grow food, share it with others, and learn more about how to serve the community.” Although Kathleen is ending her summer internship today, she’s looking forward to sticking around at least until she graduates. Thank you Kathleen for your dedication to Southside Community Land Trust!


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