Eating for Education Dinner at Local 121

What are your dinner plans this Saturday night? How about a Roasted Gazpacho and Spicy Maine Jonah Crab with roasted corn and olive oil croutons? Or an Arcadian Fields Panzanella Salad with cherry tomatoes, fairytale eggplant, pickled onion, arugula and balsamic vinegar? These are just a few of the uniquely delicious items made at Local 121 – a place that features locally raised and harvested produce, cheeses, pastured meats and sustainable seafood from the hands of New England farmers who care about the health of the environment and the integrity of your food. The restaurant also takes things a step further in actively incorporating anything from a locally made butter dish on their tables to the photographs taken by local artists on their walls.

This Saturday on August 27th, Local 121 (at 121 Washington St. in downtown Providence) is generously donating 10% of their dinner proceeds to Southside Community Landtrust’s (SCLT) Children’s Garden Program as part of the Eating for Education campaign. Eating for Education is a grassroots effort to create national awareness about school garden and school lunch programs. The campaign will culminate in homes and restaurants around the country on August 27th with special dinners celebrating the building power of Edible Education.

So come out this Saturday to Local 121 and have a dinner both you and your taste buds can feel good about! SCLT is grateful to Local 121, Eating for Education and of course members of the community for cultivating such invaluable support for our programs!


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