City Farm, the Heart of the Community Land Trust

Our three-quarter-acre urban farm was recently profiled in the summer issue of Edible Rhody. The article does a wonderful job describing the daily labors of love that City Farm Steward Rich Pederson and our apprentices, interns, and volunteers undertake there to cultivate thousands of plants and thousands of pounds of food for farmers’ markets, restaurants, and our annual Plant Sale. As the article explains, the farm also serves as a site for the summer Children’s Garden program, which educates area youth about soil and plant ecology and healthy eating. All of this activity takes place in a space the size of a few home lots, demonstrating the very real potential for urban agriculture to produce a significant portion of our food and serve vital community needs. The farm is tucked away in south Providence; many people have commented on the unique sensation of stepping from the street onto City Farm’s soil, where the traffic noise falls away and your eyes are suddenly met with so much green. We hope you get a chance to visit and see it for yourself if you haven’t been already—until then, click here to read about the people and seasons of City Farm.


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