Be it resolved…thanks Councilman Luna!

At this morning’s City Council meeting, the following resolution was read by Councilman Miguel Luna from Ward 9.

What a true honor to be so recognized by the leaders of our community – BLUSH!


City of Providence Resolution

Honoring the Southside Community Land Trust

On the Thirtieth Anniversary of their Founding


WHEREAS, In 1981, the Southside Community Land Trust (SCLT) was founded to provide access to land, education and other resources to enable people in Greater Providence to grow food in environmentally sustainable ways and create community food systems where locally produced, affordable, and healthy food is available to all; and


WHEREAS, SCLT’s founders partnered with neighbors and community members to turn a vacant lot into a vibrant community garden; and


WHEREAS, Since the creation of that first community garden, SCLT has grown and established 13 more gardens in Providence’s neighborhoods ; and


WHEREAS, In 2009, SCLT founded The Greater Providence Community Garden Network, which connects 36 community gardens in Providence and Pawtucket, allowing urban gardeners to share resources, information, and experience; and


WHEREAS, SCLT also manages the 50 acre Urban Edge Farm in Cranston, providing a steady source of local food to Providence’s markets; and


WHEREAS, Through their Agricultural Education Program, SCLT has given hundreds of schoolchildren firsthand lessons in biology, ecology, and environmental science; and


WHEREAS, Many of the families helped by SCLT over the years were recent immigrants from war-torn countries of Southeast Asia and West Africa; and


WHEREAS, SCLT is dedicated to preserving and improving our environment through the promotion of and education about sustainable agriculture; and


WHEREAS, Over the last 30 years, SCLT has helped build healthier and stronger communities in Providence by encouraging neighbors to work together, share resources, and reconnect with the land.




That the City Council of the City of Providence does hereby offer congratulations and thank the Southside Community Land Trust for its thirty years of service to the people of Providence, and for successfully transforming Providence’s urban environment.


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