Sowing the Seeds for a New Crop of Urban Farmers

Photo by Frank Carini of ecoRI.

City Farm has played a big role in the local food movement in Providence over the past three decades, both by showing that it is possible to grow a great deal of produce on city lots and by inspiring many young people to take up the old art of farming (but with a few new twists). ecoRI recently profiled the impact that City Farm and our own Rich Pederson, the “farmer with the straggly beard,” have had on people throughout Rhode Island both via farmers’ markets and our apprenticeship and internship programs. As the number of farms in this country continues to shrink (meaning that food production is consolidated into fewer hands) and the average age of our farmers continues to rise (it’s now about 55), the creation of a new, more diverse group of young, small-scale farmers becomes an even more vital mission. Indeed, one of the greatest rewards for Rich is the knowledge that City Farm’s roots have extended so far outward and rhizomatically led to the growth of new sustainable farming businesses throughout the region and the country.

Click here to read the ecoRI story and see more photos.


2 Comments to “Sowing the Seeds for a New Crop of Urban Farmers”

  1. Bonus points for using “rhizome” as an adverb. Well played!

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