City Farm Update

So many have expressed their concern about the loss of the huge old Norway maple tree that fell last week that we wanted to post a follow-up and let everyone know about the status of City Farm. As of today, the trunks have been cut into large sections by Sepe Tree Service and pulled to the side using a Bobcat; some logs were fed into a chipper to make mulch that City Farm can use on its beds. The remaining tree limbs have been piled up and set out for the city to collect.

There is now a large, empty spot which was once shaded by the canopy; anyone who has visited City Farm in the past would notice the difference now. That space had traditionally been used for the Children’s Garden and the display of perennial flowering plants during the Plant Sale. But City Farm is resilient. “As an agriculturist in these times of change, adaption is essential—to storms, to the amount of rain, to the temperatures,” Rich says. “We’ll adapt the farm.” He already has plans to put in full-sun plants and perhaps even fruit trees in the new open area.

As we noted earlier, the tree landed in the best spot it could have, all things considered. Rather than damaging well-established raspberry canes or crushing tomato plants and stakes, it fell on lettuce and herb beds; these plants can be regrown, and in fact Rich and Laura have already been hard at work turning over the cleared soil. City Farm even went to the farmers’ markets last week. Some of the produce they had for sale was a little bruised, but people were understanding and keen to hear about what had happened. It was a demonstration of what it means to buy direct from local farmers—to experience a storm at home and then see the impact of the weather on food at the market the next day.

We have to say that one of the best things to emerge from this misfortune is the outpouring of support from the community and confirmation of the deep emotional connection many in Providence feel with City Farm and its old trees. Thanks to everyone for their kind words.

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4 Responses to “City Farm Update”

  1. Thanks for the update, I’ve been hoping to stop by soon and check it out. Glad it’s being treated as an opportunity…

  2. The greens we got from you guys might have been a little bruised, but they tasted great!

    • Thank you, Tiffany! Glad that people are unafraid to eat less-than-perfect produce. I will give your compliments to Rich, Laura, and Kathleen.



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