Storm Impact at City Farm

We are sad to report that last night’s massive thunderstorm knocked down the majestic old Norway maple at City Farm. Fortunately, the tree largely missed hitting two homes belonging to our neighbors Joe Britto and Deborah Schimberg and Kevin Neel. They had recently paid for the tree to be pruned and cabled; it’s likely that this maintenance prevented more extensive damage when the tree fell. The City Farm chicken coop, with what must have been frightened birds inside, was also spared, although a large limb on the silver maple next to the coop did split and is now hanging.

We are sorry to lose the beautiful, venerable tree that provided so much shade to the farm, and sorry to see so many across the neighborhood and the city coping with downed trees and branches. We wish everyone luck with the cleanup efforts.

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3 Comments to “Storm Impact at City Farm”

  1. The tree will be missed, but glad no one what hurt or houses were not damaged

  2. Oh my goodness! That’s so sad! 😦

  3. That tree was so good to so many! Much love from ohio!

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