We Did It—Thanks to You!

Despite a brief downpour on Sunday, the Annual Plant Sale last weekend was a great success! In fact, it was our most successful sale yet in terms of money raised for our urban agriculture initiatives here in Providence. We had over 1,100 people come through City Farm to purchase seedlings for their garden and enjoy live music performed by local bands. Even in the rain, people were still lining up with trays of vegetables and herbs to take home. When we think about little offshoots of City Farm being planted in gardens all across the region and yielding food for hundreds of families, it’s pretty inspiring.

We appreciate everyone who renewed their memberships or signed up for new memberships at the Plant Sale to sustain our work. And we also appreciate our amazing volunteers. Rich Pederson, our City Farm Steward, is truly gifted when it comes to cultivating plants, but even he could not have raised 18,000+ from seed in a single greenhouse over the past three months without the support of many, many people—students, community members, gardeners, donors, board members, and the Perennial Ladies, who return faithfully every year just like their flowering plants. They all gave us the gift of their time, some starting as far back as February, doing everything from sorting seeds to potting to transplanting to assembling organic gardening kits. Our thanks go out to them for making the wonderful event that is the Plant Sale possible again this year.

Here are a few images of our great volunteers at work; we’ll be sharing photos from the sale here very soon. If you’re interested in helping out with other programs and events coming up this summer, please visit our volunteer page!


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