On Collaboration and Carbon

Two weeks ago, the Community Land Trust co-sponsored a talk by environmentalist, author, and 350.org founder Bill McKibben at Brown’s Salomon Center for Teaching, along with the University’s Center for Environmental Studies and emPOWER. ecoRI provided a great recap of the presentation, entitled “Global and Local: The Fight for a Workable Climate,” which was the keynote lecture for the campus’ Earth Week—you can read the article by clicking here. We wanted to share these photos from the reception that took place after the talk, hosted by CES at the Urban Environmental Laboratory. The event was a celebration of thirty years of collaboration between the University and Southside Community Land Trust, which was founded by Deborah Schimberg and other Brown alumni in 1981. Here are some of the highlights:

Bill McKibben, right, chats with emPOWER members and other Brown students in the UEL garden. Photo courtesy of CES.

After being introduced by J. Timmons Roberts, director of the Center for Environmental Studies, Deborah Schimberg talks about how she came to found the Community Land Trust upon her graduation from Brown.

Ari Rubenstein, director of emPOWER (center), explains the mission of the student group to promote environmental sustainability on campus. Photo courtesy of CES.


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