Sharing Stories at Springtime

The spring edition of our print newsletter, Southside Green.

Last week, we mailed out the newest edition of Southside Green, our biannual print newsletter, with articles about this weekend’s Plant Sale and our Community Growers marketing collaborative, as well as a calendar of upcoming events and workshops. The newsletter should already have hit the doorsteps of our members and community partners—if you’d like to receive the newsletter by mail and support our programs, click here to join! If you’re not a member, but would still like to read the latest news about our work, click here to download a PDF (the newsletter is also available in the News and Events section of our website).

In this issue, in honor of our 30th anniversary year, we invited anyone who has a story about the Community Land Trust (as a current or former gardener, staff/board member, volunteer, etc.) to share it with us via a new page at There, you can also tell us if you know someone from our history that we might have lost touch with so that we can reconnect. By gathering names and stories, we hope to put together a more complete picture of the impact that the organization has had on people in Providence and across the country over the past three decades. Thanks in advance for your contributions!


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