Snapshot: The Tomatoes Are Coming

The weather is getting warmer, and the Annual Plant Sale is less than two weeks away! That means thoughts are turning to our favorite summer produce. Over at City Farm, they’re not only growing many different varieties of tomatoes for the sale; they’re also preparing beds for tomato plants that will stay at City Farm so that the fruit can be sold at farmers’ markets this summer. The plants will go in the ground after the last average frost date for this area, May 10th, so they won’t be killed by the cold at night. Here you can see Rich Pederson, City Farm steward; apprentice Laura Lavoie-Brown; and intern Kathleen Reed hard at work getting things ready for a successful season.

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4 Comments to “Snapshot: The Tomatoes Are Coming”

  1. Mmmm…tomatoes! Can’t wait!

  2. Thanks to all for the Plant Sale! Is there any chance of having a list and brief description of the tomatoes before the sale? I end up buying a variety of tomatoes but go home and forget what I was told about them. I know I could look up each name but I’d rather use the time planting and talking to them! Just a thought…Maybe it could be on your website, on a sheet of paper to sell for $.50 or so ( or included with membership as a promotion…Renew your membership or become a member and get a link to the list before the sale!). .Thanks you again! Jean

    • Thanks for your suggestion! It’s a good idea. We’ll definitely keep it in mind for next year’s sale.

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