Introducing Our New Organic Gardening Kit!

Everything you need for an organic home garden, minus the dirt and water!

Want to grow your own food, but unsure of what you need to get started? Thinking of phasing out pesticides, herbicides, and petroleum-based fertilizers and making the switch to environmentally sustainable methods? We have a kit for that! As part of our mission to help people grow food, we are proud to be introducing a new Organic Gardening Kit to support anyone who wants to cultivate vegetables and herbs on a small scale, whether it’s in their backyard, window box, or community garden plot.

A detailed look at the kit's contents.

The gardening kit’s friendly look and feel were created by talented local designer and RISD graduate Audrey Barnes. Contained in the small box are three varieties of vegetable seeds plus cover crop seeds (used to replenish soil during the off-season); plant stakes, and naturally-derived liquid fertilizer and pesticide. The fertilizer is made from fish emulsion (the byproduct of North Atlantic seafood processing) and stays good for up to two years, giving your plants a boost of the essential micronutrients nitrogen and phosphate. The pesticide is “No Bug Soap,” a spray that is safe to use around kids and pets and will not harm beneficial insects. No Bug Soap is made of potassium salts and works by weakening insects’ outer shells. It breaks down into natural components within 7-10 days, meaning that there is minimal residue left behind. Directions for applying both products and planting the seeds are printed right on their packages.

The kit will sell for $30 and will be available at select local farmers’ markets and at the Annual Plant Sale May 14th and 15th. Make sure to stop by and pick up one for yourself so that you have all the tools you need to grow your own this season (just add dirt and water). They also make great gifts for family members and friends! All proceeds will go to support our community gardens and the new Providence Community Growers Network.


3 Comments to “Introducing Our New Organic Gardening Kit!”

  1. Wow, looks nice!

  2. Looks great, but the price point is a bit much for what you get. I’d maybe pay $15, but not $25. Great idea, though!

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