Black Gold Strikes Providence

Providence is covered with a black substance made from decomposing organic material. No, it’s not an oil spill. We’re talking about 425 cubic yards of municipal compost, a.k.a. the Black Gold of Gardeners Everywhere. Beautiful, dark, carbon-rich compost made from municipal yard waste was delivered yesterday to 31 community gardens all over the city! This massive distribution program was the result of a collaboration between the Community Land Trust’s newly launched Providence Community Growers Network, the City of Providence’s Parks and Recreation Department, and Rhode Island Resource Recovery Corporation, and the support of hundreds of Community Land Trust members, donors, and volunteers. Check out a few of our photos below:

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This weekend, as you are out about town, keep an eye out for your neighborhood community gardens. Across the city, over 750 families will be adding that compost to their wintered garden beds to start growing full-speed for the season ahead.

Are you a home gardener or school gardener wanting to get in on the Black Gold delivery? The Community Land Trust is having its first HUB compost delivery day on Saturday, April 16th at the Davey Lopes Recreation Center at 227 Dudley Street following the first Beginning Organic Growers Series workshop on Planning and Planting. Sign up to be part of the Providence Community Growers Network and pick up your compost on the 16th. More details on the Providence Community Growers Network are available by contacting Liza Sutton at


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