Meet Your Farmers

The faces of the Little City Growers Cooperative.

Check out this photo of the members of the Little City Growers Cooperative on opening day of the Providence Wintertime Farmer’s Market at AS220, and just look at the abundant supply of fresh produce they have to offer! All four independent urban farms in the cooperative are represented here: from left to right, Johanna Bloch of Scratch Farm, Rich Pederson of Southside Community Land Trust’s City Farm, Katie Miller from Red Planet Vegetables, Than Wood of Front Step Farm, and Catherine Mardoza, also from Red Planet Vegetables. Be sure to say hi to them at the market on Saturday!


2 Comments to “Meet Your Farmers”

  1. we unfortunately did not hear about the workshop until after it happened.
    could we be on e-mail list for future workshops, etc?
    thank you,
    doug and cindy

    • Sorry to hear that! We will try to be better about sending out notices about workshops this year. If you go to our website, you can sign up to be on a specific mailing list for workshop reminders—go to and enter your email address in the box at the very bottom. Make sure you’re signed up to receive our print newsletter as well! Thanks for your interest and support.

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