Raising Urban Chickens Workshop This Weekend

Several of the "girls" that will be on display at the workshop on Saturday.

Come to City Farm this Saturday from 1 to 2 p.m. for a free workshop on how to raise your own egg-laying hens in the city! This is the final workshop in the 2010 Plant Providence series. We’ll have experienced chicken-keepers on hand at four different stations to 1) explain the terms of the new ordinance passed by the City Council this fall; 2) walk you through constructing a coop, composting chicken manure, and preventing rats; 3) go over chick-rearing and hardy breeds for the New England climate; and 4) instruct you on daily chicken maintenance and care. Also on hand to serve as demonstration models will be City Farm’s own flock of hens! You’ll get to take home a resource guide to local sources for both birds and supplies as well as a suggested reading list to learn more. To download directions to City Farm, click here.

Raising urban chickens allows families to become more self-sufficient by collecting their own fresh, ultra-local eggs. As an organization helping to empower people to produce their own food in the city, Southside Community Land Trust is committed to educating Providence area residents about responsible implementation of the new ordinance. We will be offering another program on raising chickens, including a hands-on workshop on building inexpensive chicken coops, in 2011. Stay tuned!


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