Confronting the Food Industry

Katherine Brown, executive director of the Southside Community Land Trust

Earlier this month, Southside’s executive director, Katherine Brown, was invited to speak as part of the Theological Opportunity Program’s fall 2010 lecture series. The series’ theme was “Change, Power, and Resilience.” In her address, entitled “Confronting the Food Industry: Changes and Choices,” Katherine outlined many of the problems with the mass industrial food system and suggested several avenues for creating a healthy, humanistic alternative that can grow alongside the existing system and perhaps one day, overtake it. She made the case that we must first understand the need to change and then work collaboratively to produce food in sustainable ways, safeguard land from development, share knowledge, and build a local infrastructure from the grassroots up.

To read a script of Katherine’s inspirational remarks in PDF form, please click here, and to hear her speak, be sure to tune in to hear the broadcast of last night’s ACTION SPEAKS! panel (see below) on WGBH on Sunday, November 21st at 8:00 p.m. SCLT is proud to have Katherine’s leadership in our efforts to enable more people in Providence to reconnect with the food they eat.

“Our stories, like pole beans vining into thin air and finding a hold, are brave—they are stories of hope. Not pie-in-the-sky kind of hope, but hope sprung from the sureness of knowing that when we grow food in partnership with the earth and each other we are met more than halfway.” —Katherine Brown, “Confronting the Food Industry”


2 Comments to “Confronting the Food Industry”

  1. Hi there. The PDF link to Ms. Brown’s comments is dead….or expired. Any possibility that it can be re-posted? Would love to read some of her comments. Thank you.

  2. Hmmm, seems to be working still from our end. We’ll email you a copy!

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