Home to Roost

Cluck cluck! The second vote is in, and the chicken ordinance has officially passed! In line with the language of the ordinance (which you can download by clicking here), residents of Providence are now legally allowed to raise hens in the city! What a wonderful example of grassroots democracy.

What’s next? As part of the Plant Providence Workshops and Events calendar, the Southside Community Land Trust will be hosting a workshop on Raising Urban Chickens on Saturday, November 13 at 1 pm at City Farm. (The complete calendar of workshops is available at www.plantprovidence.org). With generous support from the Albin Family Foundation, SCLT will also be offering a Raising Urban Chickens workshop this winter at the Wintertime Farmer’s Market, as well as a hands-on workshop on How to Build an Inexpensive Chicken Coop in the spring of 2011. These workshops will be included on the Plant Providence 2011 Calendar, so stay tuned for more information.

An enormous thanks to everyone for their hard work and support in continuing to strengthen Providence’s local food system by giving residents even more opportunities to raise their own food, and a special thank you to Councilman Cliff Wood, who sponsored this ordinance and helped enormously with its passage.


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