Network Gardeners Pool Resources to Keep Gardens Healthy

This summer, 200 gardeners from the Providence Community Garden Network pooled their money to make a bulk purchase of Fish Emulsion – lovingly referred to as “Fish Emo” – to use as organic fertilizer.

SCLT’s Community Garden Network Coordinator is delivering the bulk-sized Fish Emo containers to the gardens, where gardeners have agreed to share the fertilizer throughout the season. The gardeners were able to save money and educate one another on the benefits of this organic fertilizer.

Fish Emo is a superstar organic fertilizer used by many of SCLT’s farmers and gardeners. It is made from unused fish waste that has been tried to kill any living microorganisms. Fish Emo is full of the nutrients plants need to grow healthy and strong. It can be used a number of ways. Most commonly, it is diluted with water in a spray bottle and sprayed all over the plant, or it is diluted into a watering can and poured into the roots of plants.

You can purchase a bottle of Fish Emo from the City Farm stand at the Hope Street Farmers’ Market on Saturdays, or the Parade Street Farmers’ Market on Thursdays.


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