Children’s Garden Begins!

As part of an on-going series, we have the pleasure of receiving updates from Chris Fiecoat, this season’s coordinator for The Children’s Garden at City Farm.

The Children’s Garden is a 20 year old program that brings 200 elementary and middle school students to City Farm for place-based, summer-long gardening and education enrichment.

The summer heat is finally upon us as we await the arrival of this year’s participants in our Children’s Garden Program. In the weeks leading up to the program, I’ve been very lucky for the chance to learn about new farming methods and, more importantly, about the active community focused on urban agriculture in Providence.

Groups of students from local community organizations and schools will be joining us in the Children’s Garden as we explore the wonders of growing food, from harvest to plate. Some of our lessons will include: composting and soil health, how plants grow, how to identify insects and birds and ways to use the garden as a creative space. Together, we’ll learn to use our senses and ask curious questions about the natural world.

The Children’s Garden program culminates in our annual block party, City Fest, on August 24. Join us as we celebrate the end of our young gardeners’ growing season with music, games, food and fun.

Chris Fiecoat

Children’s Garden Coordinator ‘10


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