Welcome to The Providence Community Garden Network!

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The Providence Community Garden Network is a voluntary coalition of 34 community gardens throughout Providence, RI. Launched in the Spring of 2009, the Network is now over 700 community gardeners strong!

Our network of gardeners, coordinated by SCLT’s Erika Rumbley, has already made great strides in Network community gardens in the Southside, Olneyville and the West End.
This spring alone, the Providence Community Garden Network has:

* coordinated the discounted purchase and citywide distribution of high-quality organic compost and fertilizers to over 30 community gardens.

* donated over 1,600 vegetable seedlings from the City Farm Plant Sale to community and youth gardens all over the city

* hosted a free workshop series for folks new to food growing, including recent refugees new to the New England climate.

* served as the go-to resource for many of Providence’s gardeners, lending a hand with everything from soil health and garden design to community organizing and legal aid.

Just imagine what more the gardeners could do with your support! Click here to find out how to give to the Community Garden Network.


Want a closer look inside one of Providence’s community gardens? Stay tuned for details on the Open Garden Day at Potters Park and Community Garden, on August 25th!


2 Comments to “Welcome to The Providence Community Garden Network!”

  1. Great slide show!

  2. Hello everyone. My name is Malcolm Burnley and I am a Brown University Student representing the Diamond Street Community Garden on the West End of Providence, run by the African Alliance of Rhode Island. Our Community Garden is very young, currently in just the second season of production. Anyone who has worked to begin a community garden knows the many trials and roadblocks found on the way to getting established. Our garden faces several such issues from physical shortcomings (lacking necessary infrastructure like fencing and irrigation, to requiring laborious construction of raised beds due to soil pollution), along with supportive shortcomings (lacking an abundance of knowledge about gardening, to neighborhood resistance/vandalism).

    To sustain the efforts we have made and to grow in the future, we lack adequate funding, and are in serious need of support. On behalf of the Community Garden, I am asking you to visit the link below and pledge to support our Community Garden initiative.

    We believe that urban gardening is of integral importance to Providence’s West End. We are grateful if you will become a part of our communal goal and vision. Thank you.

    Malcolm Burnley

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